Meet the Butchers

After the guys outside cut up the cow into smaller pieces, it was then sent in to us to decipher what it should be. First it was washed to rinse off the bone meal and any excess blood. Then it was cut up. Some pieces were obviously steaks, others were roasts that needed to be trimmed down, some was just good for soup bones and the useless pieces were thrown in the "chuck" bucket for the dogs. But the majority of it was cutting off the fat and grisle and chopping the meat up into chunks to be used for hamburger.
Here are the *people inside who did many different jobs, but most had the grueling task of aquiring frozen fingers while cutting up freezing cold meat. Although I did cut up a little bit of meat, I was the wrapper, labeler and weigher. And I was very happy with my job. Hey, somebody had to do it! =)
*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

The Washer...

and the Choppers

Overview of the whole Herd

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