Making the Gingerbread House

I'm finally here and sharing pictures of Christmas...only several weeks late....but that's okay. I'm sure you'll forgive me once you know why.

One of the highlights for our little people of our trip to Grandma's house was decorating the Gingerbread House on Christmas Eve. Well, besides eating it, that is. =)

Usually we make our own gingerbread, but with lack of time this year, we opted for a ready-made kit. After Christmas Eve dinner, we all gathered around and to have some fun with icing and candy.

My mom piped the icing on the sections and then passed them out to all the kids to decorate. We also put all the candy in a muffin tin so it would be easy to choose.

Lydia decorating her piece.

Caleb looks a little overhwelmed by all the candy! (My kids are deprived, I know.)

Havin' fun!

This is Caleb's side of the house he decorated and his little tree. It's so cute and random, I love it!

My sweeties with my bro Christian's gingerbread man. You don't even want to know how many "Not the gumdrop buttons!" jokes their were. (Thank you Shrek! And I don't like that movie, by the way!)

My youngest brother decorating the front of the house.

Christian and his masterpiece, haha. =)

Lincoln finishing off the candy when the house was done.

Tada! I love this gingerbread house...it was so cute and original since everybody did a different piece. Hey, even my older brother Justin was in it. It was so much fun and I'm glad we were able to do it!

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  1. We always decorate a gingerbread house too - they are so much fun!


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