In the "Moooood" for some steak? No, seriously..

I will admit it. For the most part, I am a city slicker. I've never lived in the country, let alone on a farm. And I've never, ever even come slightly close to butchering livestock for food. Until this weekend.
We were given the opportunity to buy some all-natural, small-farm raised, grass-fed beef for a great price...but under one condition. The condition being that we would help butcher. We honestly jumped at the chance, thankful for the kindess of the people giving us the opportunity.
Butchering is definitely ALOT of hard work that must be done in the cold. We started around 9:00 AM on Saturday morning and by midnight we had done 2 and 1/4 cows. Whew!! I must confess though, it was an eye opening experience! But after getting over the "grossness" (and the smell!), it really wasn't so bad. =) I definitely have a whole new respect for how people lived before we could just buy our meat at Walmart!
So, if you can handle it, here are a few pictures!

Victim #2--"Chuck" the Angus

Dignity was of highest importance...notice Mr. Angus was allowed his socks through the ordeal.

I think you get the picture.....now onto the next round....

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  1. Great Pictures, Laine! Looked like tons of fun! Been praying for you lately. Let me know if we could ever do anything for you.



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