Hanging Out at Gram's House

I love my Gram's house. =) I have so many fond childhoold memories of that place. She has an awesome attic and a creepy cellar...does it get any better than that?! But my favorite room in her house is her kitchen. When we came down the stairs in the morning we would find Gram sitting at the table watching the news and doing her crossword puzzles. We always felt so spoiled because she fed us "junk" cereal. My cousins also lived next store and that made it really fun!

My children hadn't been to my Gram's house since they were babies and I wanted them to see it. We even took them in the attic and in the cellar...they got the whole tour! But then, like usual, we all gathered in the kitchen and chatted and the kids played playdough at the table. It was so nice just being there again. =)

Caleb, cousin Sammy and Lydia

Gram let them pick lollipops from her jar. =)

Sweet snuggles with Gram

We love you Gram!! XOXO

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