Earnin' Their Keep

a.k.a: We'll work to stay warm

A three year old with an ax...watch out.

My three year old with an ax...run for your life!

Seriously, I am so thankful for a husband who is willing to take the time to teach his son to work. Because of it, Caleb loves to work with his daddy and "be a man." Men ought to like to work and you know what? Little boys will soon be men...so teach them to work while they're young. You'll be glad you did!

Even Lydia wanted to get in on chopping wood!

You go girl!! =)

"Ummm...Mom...about this whole 'loving to work with daddy thing', it's great and all....but can I go in now? I'm cold!" =)

Just kidding, he stayed out there for hours with Steven and he loved every minute of it. The pained expression is because he hit his finger. With the ax. Good thing it's dull!

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  1. Aw...cute pictures...and boy is your doggie getting BIG!=) I am reading the Zion Chronicles. You probably already have read them...I skip some of the parts. But for the most part I love them!=) I have loved to read good books since I have gotten married.=) I have read millions upon millions of books...okay not that many but I love historical fiction and of course the Christian Romance books!=)


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