Not Me! Monday

It's time again folks. After two weeks of not participating in MckMama's weekly shindig, I figured I needed some soul cleansing. So, here goes nothing!

I did not eat way too much on Thanksgiving, declaring never to eat that much again, only to stuff my face with the same proportions on the day after. I wouldn't do such a thing because that would be gluttony.

While attending a fancy wedding on Saturday in Charlotte, I did not keep my coat on the entire time because (a) I was cold and (b) I did not want any body to see the ramifications of my gluttony. Despite the black dress that is supposed to be...uuumm...slimming.

I did not bat an eyelash when asked if my marvelous black dress that I love was a maternity dress that I was just wearing anyway. I did not have the urge to slap said person and remind them that slightly high waisted dresses are indeed in style.

I did not almost burst into tears upon heading to the reception and realizing that my camera was broken. I have not almost cried at least fifteen times since then about it.

I did not have the brilliant idea to go to K-Mart last night after church for some knock down, drag out deals since they were having double coupons up to $2. Of course only to find that the other coupon-holics around town did not already clean out the store. And after finding a few meager leftovers, I certainly did not wait at customer service for 45 minutes for my money back because they had not overcharged me big time. And my sweet friend Amy did not want to disown me as a friend for keeping her out so late!

I did not get my bargains from last night all arranged on the table for a picture only to realize that I can't take a picture. Not even pictures of my little people. Tears did not ensue. It would be shallow to be attached to an inanimate object like that.

And last but not least, my sweet hubby did not have to wash a pair of his socks last night in the sink and hang them on the handles of the wood stove to dry. And I was not supposed to be doing laundry last night instead of shopping at K-Mart!

So, how was your week? =)

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  1. I can't believe he had to hand wash his socks! Too funny!


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