Make an Ornament

I don't remember what magazine I was glancing through when I saw a picture of how to make some easy snowflake ornaments with your kids with popsicle sticks and buttons. All I remember is the basic idea.

So, the other afternoon I whipped out some popsicle sticks, modge podge (I can't live without it!) and some buttons. Lydia had a blast! This is such an easy, open-ended craft.

Concentration is key....notice the tongue sticking out! =)

Tada! There is alot of glue on there, but once the modge podge dries, it will be perfectly clear.

Next I got out the glitter glue and let her decorate one. She really took her time and was so meticulous.

Let these both dry for about a day and then hang them on your tree. Now, go have fun and make one with your kiddies!


  1. We made those too - I love the button idea! We covered ours with messy glitter - it sure was fun!

  2. Caleb didn't make one?=) Okay my kids would make an awful mess and Ty would probably eat the buttons!=) Very cute idea...i'll try in a couple of years!=)


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