Homemade Breadsticks

Alright, wipe the drool off of your keyboard! You know that's not sanitary! =)

Seriously, just looking at the picture makes me hungry! These breadsticks are amazing! Want to know the very best part? They are amazingly easy! For those of you who would never even dare to make bread, take heart, because these are just the thing for you.

You can find this fabulous recipe here. The recipe gives a few options for toppings and I chose a mixture of garlic salt, parmesean cheese and Italian seasoning. (Hint: save an empty seasoning jar to use for things like this. Put the ingredients in it, shake it up, and sprinkle...so easy!) Also, instead of using regular salt when making the dough, I used garlic salt and also sprinkled in some Italian seasoning in the flour mixture.

I hope you like them! If not, feel free to send them my way. =)

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