Walgreens Deals

I'm a big sucker for tea, so when I saw the Celestial Seasonings tea on sale, I had to get some! (And check out the names "Gingerbread Spice" and "Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride." YUM!!) I bought these on Tuesday when I did my big grocery shopping. They also had all of their fall decorations for 75% off and I picked up these two leaf tea-light holders for $0.24 each. (Don't know why the cookie cutters are in this particular picture..they were on clearance at Harris Teeter for $0.19 a piece. They'll make a great addition when giving cookies as gifts!)

My grand total at Walgreens for two boxes of tea and two candle holders was $0.57! YAY!

Well, after tasting how wonderful the tea was, and because it was such a good deal, I had to get some more! After doing triples at Harris Teeter, we ran into Walgreens and got these two. The total was $2.02 but I had $2.03 on a Walgreens giftcard from a rebate so I paid nothing out of pocket. I love it when that happens!

How did you all do with the deals this week?

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  1. Great deals! Especially the tea - I will definitely have to pick up some of that! Looks yummy. :)


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