So How Do You Keep a Rambunctious Three Year Old Busy?

Marshmallows! =) Hee-hee...

"Look, Mom, I'm all sticky wiff mawshmellos!"

He kept laughing because his hands were sticking together.
He had fun clapping his hands together and watching the marshmallow strings as they pulled apart. I had fun watching him concentrate and look in wonder at it!

OOOooooo......so stretchy!

This one stretched really far!

After several minutes of watching his hands stretch sticky, gooey marshmallow, he was done. Especially since at this point it was getting harder and harder to separate his hands. And for Caleb, that is NOT cool! =)

And no, I didn't give him this to keep him busy. =) We roasted marshmallows sometime last week and after he ate his two marshmallows he was begging to have his hands washed because he hates to be sticky. I didn't realize until we went inside how covered with marshmallow his hands really were. So of course I had to whip out the camera. =)

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