So good to be back!

We've been in our house since last Saturday (the 25th) and things are slowly beginning to look more normal around here. (Good-bye sea of boxes!) There are still several boxes that need unpacking, but the majority of the work is done, hallelujah!

I purged quite a bit when I was packing and as I've been unpacking I've been getting rid of even more stuff. Yay! I do not particularly enjoy the moving process, but it is fun to try and find a new home for everything. I have some great closet space and for that I'm very thankful!

I LOVE our new dwelling...it's so perfect for our family. And our yard is awesome! It's big, fenced and has large, beautiful bradford pear trees lining the whole front of our property. We've already had a blast out there. Our dog Phoebe (yellow lab) is loving all of the running room! There is also a very large shop behind our house and that has already been a blessing to my husband. I'm so glad that there's somewhere for all of his tools and a place for him to build. And it's good too because if he's in trouble atleast he won't have to sleep in the dog house, haha. =) (Just kidding Honey, you know I love you!!) =)

Homeschooling is back in full swing after taking Monday through Wednesday off last week. So between that and getting settled, it's going to be quite busy around here. Hopefully soon we'll be in a good routine and our home will once again be fuctioning smoothly. Until then, blogging may be sporadic so I apologize. I do have some fun things to share with you and I'm so excited about it!

Hope you all are enjoying this wonderful Fall season!

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