Making Your Home A Haven--Tidy: Before and After

I did not get these posted last night, but I am so encouraged about how much I was able to get accomplished yesterday! Here are a few before and after pictures.

The piano was in dire need of dusting and de-cluttering!

The picture above the piano does need to be hung but Steven likes to hang stuff so hopefully we'll get to that today.

The mantle, like the piano, needed some love.

The big picture also needs to be hung, but we'll get to that as well.

Here's lonely whiteboard in the school room, waiting for the map.

I can hang this one...only pushpins required! =)

Here was the lovely box of hangers that needed sorting. I didn't take a picture of it put away because, well, who wants a picture of an empty box??? =)

All of this was accompanied by the usual things, homeschooling, fixing dinner, laundry, etc. Last night, when Steven got home from work, we accomplished SO much as well....I'm very proud of us! I had painted the final coat on the bathroom yesterday afternoon and last night he put up the base trim and top molding, the trim around the door and window, hung the mini blind, caulked around the trim, filled all the holes on the trim, rewired the outlets and put in new shiny white ones, rehung the freshly painted door and put back on the door knob. Whew! But boy, does it look pretty in there! We hung up the shower curtain as well. Today, when we hang the decorations and towel rack, I will take some pictures. Can't wait to show you what the bathroom looked like before! While Steven did alot of the things in the bathroom, I finished unpacking a few other neglected boxes. We are down to just about four boxes total to unpack!! YAY! And those are on hold because they are decorations waiting for a home.
Thanks again Monica for this great challenge!

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