Making Your Home a Haven: Inviting and Giving

I'm getting a late start to posting, but I still wanted to continue participating. We already have had a busy day filled with homeschooling and running errands with Daddy on his day off.

Because the theme for today is making our homes inviting and giving, we are spending the day working on our home! (Would love to have company, but Steven was hit with a nasty cold bug this week and we don't want to share.) We have several projects we hope to finish today and tomorrow. Hopefully by tomorrow night I will pictures of what we accomplished.

Today and tomorrow we hope to:

-Put all repainted doors back up
-Hang pictures and decorations in bathroom
-Finish shadowbox for playroom/schoolroom and hang
-Hang newly made pictures in the playroom/schoolroom
-Put trim around windows
-Hang mini-blinds
-Hang plates in the kitchen
-Dinner: Homemade Pizza, Salad

I have high hopes for this weekend and I know that getting these things done will definitely make our home more inviting!

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