Making Your Home A Haven: Cared For

When I saw Monica's "Cared For" theme for today, I began to muse over it and several things have stuck in my mind.

Last week I was teaching Lydia and Caleb about our five senses and what they do. Of course we use our "senses" daily as our bodies function, but have you ever approached your home with these five senses? Let's think about it and how it can apply to caring for our homes.

Sight--This is obviously the biggest one. Does my home look cared for? Is it inviting? Are there things beyond the normal cleaning that let my family know that I love them?

Smell--What your home says as you walk in is so important! Am I greeted by the smell of trash wafting from the can? Do my cupboards smell stale and musty? Does my refrigerator reek from the forgotten leftovers from a month ago?

Sound--Although this is a less obvious one, there are many areas to which it applies. Are all my doors squeaking badly on their hinges and need some love? Are there things crunching underfoot? When I move a chair is it scraping the floor? Do I play joyful music as I go about my day?

Taste--Okay, I know we don't go around "tasting" our homes, but this is yet another practical way of looking at it. How is my cooking? Is it pleasing my family and making them feel loved? Do I need some inspiration to make a few new dishes and add some zest to the "taste" of my home?

Touch--Have you ever walked up to a counter or table, thinking it was clean only to put your hand on it and feel unseen grit or some unknown sticky substance? That is never pleasant! Sometimes you are going to need to feel something to know if it's cared for. How about my sheets and blankets? Are they soft and cozy to snuggle up in at night? Are my towels rough and scratchy?

This by no means is an exhaustive list, but I hope it will get you thinking about the many different ways your home could use some care. It sure did for me!

Today, in my effort to make my home more of a haven, I will be working on:
-Washing, folding and putting away the laundry (I have Mt. Washmore to attack!)
-Filing paperwork
-Washing the sheets and remaking the beds
-Dinner: Creamy Chicken in the crockpot, brown rice, salad

Off I go!

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  1. I, too, need to attack a mountain of laundry - thank you for the motivational post...


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