Making our Haven Fun--Game Night

Although it took some extra effort and planning, it was so nice to take a night not really set aside as "family night" and make it one. I think the change of pace was just what we needed!

After dinner, we played Lydia and Caleb's favorite game, "Cootie" and then we played "Whac-A-Mole." Aren't the Cooties cute? =)

Mmmm...oatmeal raisin cookies. These are why my husband married me, you know. =) Seriously though, I always use this recipe and they are always delicious. I had not made them in a while so Steven was extremely happy! While Lydia and Caleb were helping me make them, Caleb helped me crack an egg. He didn't really crack it, he just squeezed it until burst open. He thought it was hilarious!

The crispix snack mix, using this recipe, turned out great! I didn't have any pretzels so I substituted plain Cheerios. My little people couldn't keep their hands out of it. I liked it because it was fast, easy and tasty. Good thing I never got around to vacuuming because the living room surely needs it now! =)


  1. I LOVE board games!!! Sounds like you guys had a great night. The last time we tried a game night, we played "Memory." It didn't turn out too well because Miller was actually trying to do it, but Gavin and Riley thought it was funnier to just pretend to eat the pieces. Next time we're going to try "Hi-Ho Cherry-o." Hopefully they won't try to eat those pieces! Ha! I will have to remember the snack mix idea. They would love it! :)

  2. Oh - I remember Cooties - it was my baby brothers favorite...

  3. Hey girl...love all your posts lately!=) Great job!!


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