Haven: Inviting and Giving

Well, I must confess....NOTHING on our list got accomplished. Not a thing! But you know what, that doesn't matter! It still kept with the theme of making our havens inviting and giving. Why? Because we spent the day helping our friends make their home more inviting. Their bathroom ceiling had caved in due to a leaking roof. So we ditched our plans and helped them. (I can't count how many times they've done that for us!) We worked all day and it was a blast! The guys ripped out the ceiling, fixed the leaks and then replaced the sheet-rock. Meanwhile, we girls went through the closets and sorted and organized the contents, grocery shopped and decorated for fall.

We had a really great day! It was so nice to leave there knowing that we had helped make their home a happier place. It is definitely more blessed to give than to receive!

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