Baking Day

One of the ways I keep our food budget down is by utilizing our large amount of freezer space. Several years ago we were given a deep chest freezer and it has been a huge blessing! Usually about once a week I bake up a bunch of things like bread, muffins or perhaps cookie dough and stick it in there. The things in my freezer have come to my rescue on many occasions. For example it's so nice on a busy Sunday morning to grab some muffins out of the freezer and scramble some eggs and voila! You have a nice Sunday morning breakfast!

The cookie dough is perhaps my favorite because it's a great dessert to have on hand. I usually just mix up the dough, let it refrigerate and then scoop out the correct amount for a cookie, roll it into a ball and stick it on a baking pan. I cover the baking pan with cookie dough balls and then put it in the freezer. Let it freeze for about two hours and then remove them from the pan and place in a freezer bag. Then, whenever the cookie craving hits, you'll be ready!

I never thought of sharing about my baking days until Crystal did. She's having her baking day today and asked others to participate. Since I was already planning on baking some more things this week, I was happy to do it.

Earlier this week I had a baking day and made a lasagna and a pizza for the freezer, chocolate chip cookie dough, pinto beans and brown rice.

Today I hope to make:

Whole Wheat Bread (I make this weekly for our sandwich bread)
Herb & Onion Dinner Rolls
Pumpkin-Apple Breakfast Bread (saw on Crystals list and it looked so good!)
Healthy Harvest Muffins (also saw on Crystals list)
Ginger Cookie Dough

My home sure is going to smell good today! =)

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