Baking day: The results are in!

In the freezer that is! We got everything baked that we wanted to except the Herb & Onion rolls. I also didn't get the cookie dough rolled into balls and frozen on cookie sheets, but atleast it's mixed up. With homeschooling and church yesterday, I was happy with what we accomplished!
Healthy Harvest Muffins

One of the loaves of Pumpkin Apple Breakfast Bread

Whole Wheat bread...the loaves are different shapes because I have one wide pan and one skinny pan. =)

Here we have two loaves of whole wheat bread (in the white bags), two quarts of yogurt, Healthy Harvest Muffins, Ginger cookie dough, and two loaves of Pumpkin Apple Breakfast Bread.

I'm so glad all of this is entering my freezer...ready to pull out at a moment's notice and enjoy!


  1. Yum...they whole wheat bread sounds yummy with some fattening sugary butter!!=)

  2. Those look really good. Thanks for sharing. I may have to try them.

  3. hey can you share a link or the recipe to the Pumpkin Apple Breakfast Bread? sounds delicious!! :)


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