Not Me Monday

Well, it's time for my weekly confessions! My husband thought the whole "Not Me! Monday" hosted by MckMama was absolutely hilarious, so I guess I'll keep doing this honesty thing. =)

I did not allow my husband to buy me this massive 23lb. pumpkin for making all things pumpkin because I do not like to bake or anything.

At Hillbilly's restaurant, I did not eat the whole basket of hushpuppies by myself. After which my three year old son did not proclaim, "Mommy, aren't we supposed to save room for our food?" There was no sheepish look to be found on my face!

I did not go to CVS twice in one day. Nope, not me, that would be totally obsessive!

After church last night, my children did not go to bed without a goodnight kiss from their mommy. Who did not collapse on the couch while they brushed their teeth. That would be poor mothering.

My husband did not pack his lunch, again, while his wife was not snoozing on the couch.

Sweet hubby did not try to wake sleeping wife three times to come to bed before giving up.

I did not cry when I found out we would have to wait a week to move, that would be letting stress get to me. And I'm not drowning in boxes!

I did not dig through the boxes to get out an absolute necessity like dishwasher soap. Because I wouldn't think that was an absolute necessity. After all, I lived without a dishwasher for years and I'm certainly not spoiled now.

The picture below is not a photo of my bathroom counter when I got up this morning. My counter would not ever look like this. Flylady would be so proud of my "flying" lately! Swish and swipe anyone?


  1. Hey Laine! Here I was going through the Not Me Monday's and clicking away and there I was looking at a familiar, sweet face!!!

  2. lol- you can kiss them double today..

    I love your blog. Red and Black together are my favorite..


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