Tuesday morning, I was outside checking the garden and saw that there were quite a few tomatoes ready. I was going to pick them and but then decided to water the garden instead. I figured I would wait until the afternoon and have Lydia and Caleb help me. After I had turned on the water and was walking toward the garden to adjust the sprinkler, I saw something move on the stake of one of the tomato plants. Out crawled this spider into the middle of it's web. It was right in the middle of the plants that I was going to pick tomatoes from! I'm just so thankful that I didn't pick them...I believe I would have had a heart attack if I had run into this big fella!

This is a writing spider and the pictures doesn't lie, it is massive. Although it doesn't quite do it justice since I was standing SEVERAL feet away when I took these pictures!

I know this spider is pretty large and gross, but God's creation is amazing, isn't it?

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