An Update

Left to right: Adam, Sarah Beth, Riley, Mrs. Lori, Bro. Matt, Heidi and Haleigh

I just wanted to thank those of you who have been praying for the DeLange family. God has answered prayer in a mighty way! Bro. Matt and his daughter Haleigh are both doing pretty well. The last week has brought some big improvements! Here is a link to their Caringbridge site. (Be sure to sign up for the email updates!) I am hesitant to try to update on all that has happened because I don't want to mix up any information. If you go to the journal option on the site you can go back and read about the latest events.

Please continue to pray because they still have a long way to go. Also continue to pray for Mrs. Lori and Riley, Sarah Beth, Adam and Heidi as they spend many long days between the two hospitals. I included pictures so you'd know better who you are praying for!

Triplets! =) Heidi, Haleigh and I dressed alike on accident one night in South Dakota. (Haleigh is on the right) Haleigh and Heidi are twins and are both so sweet. Heidi is the reserved, quiet one and Haleigh is out going and crazy. They were so much fun to be around!

Bro. Matt

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