Slippin' and a Slidin'!

Want to know how crazy my son is? The other day as I was fixing dinner, I started hearing a strange thumping noise in the bathroom. As I listened closer it was accompanied by loud, wild laughter. I would hear a "swoosh" and then a "thump" and then the laughing. I had no clue what was going on in there! I walked down the hall just in time to see Caleb run out into the hallway, run a few steps and take a flying leap into the bathroom floor and slide all of the way to the bathtub and then "thump!" I had no idea how he was doing that until I got a closer look. There was something wet looking and a little bubbly on the floor! I asked him what had happened and Caleb said he had accidentally knocked the hand soap bottle onto the floor while washing his hands. (And because it's a foaming bottle, the soap is a lot thinner than normal!) My little three year old had managed to make his very own wet and wild slip n' slide in the bathroom...and he was having a blast! =0)

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