"Nummy Pupcakes"

As most of you know, Monday was my birthday. I am officially halfway to 50. I really am getting old! Although it is funny to see how many people are shocked at my age, or lack thereof. Most people didn't know that I was 24. When asked how old I would be on my birthday, I quite frequently heard, "You're only 24?!" Most think Steven and I are atleast 30. But good grief, do I really look 30? =)
My family knows I love cupcakes, so for my birthday, Steven, Lydia and Caleb made me some. I had a blast watching them! Steven made the cupcakes and the icing from scratch....I was VERY impressed!

Daddy teaching Lydia how to crack an egg.

The two little chefs

The head chef and his helpers =)

Caleb putting the batter into the cupcake papers.

Lydia's turn!

Steven making the chocolate icing. I really think my man can do anything!

Lydia icing a cupcake....she kept licking her fingers every time the tiniest little bit of icing got on them. She was cracking me up!
Caleb was trying to be so careful!

The finished product...can you tell which cupcakes they iced? =)

They turned out so good!! They really are the best cupcakes I've ever had. Caleb took one bite and said, "Oooo...nummy pupcakes!" and then he started to giggle because he knew it didn't come out right. He tried a few more times and finally was able to say, "yummy cupcakes." =) My family is so wonderful....they definitely made sure I had a Happy Birthday!

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  1. Oh, Happy Birthday! The cupcakes look great - and sooooo "nummy"!


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