Muffin Tin Tuesdays

Because I have been trying to make our meals a little more fun without compromising nutrition, I was ecstatic when I saw this idea! ( I saw it on this blog which has great ideas for hands on/Montessori style learning activities.) Inspired by her themed Muffin Tin Mondays, I decided to have Muffin Tin Tuesdays. Ours are not themed, so we just use whatever we have on hand. And since I couldn't find any muffin pans with just 6 cups, my friend Amy was so sweet and traded with me! I gave her my 12 cup muffin pan, and she gave me these. My kids love it and really look forward to eating out of their muffin tin every week!

This time we had a hardboiled egg, cucumbers, carrotts, apples, raisins, wheat thins and veggie dip. YUM!


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