Brotherly/Sisterly Love

My kiddos crack me up. =) They can fight like cats and dogs, yet they love each other SO much. The dynamics of their relationship are pretty funny.

Lydia is the little "mother hen" around here. To her, Caleb is this little baby who can do nothing by himself and in order for his life to be sustained, she must tell him every thing he ought to be doing. And believe you me, there is no room for self-expression. Bossy? What was your first clue? =) But Lydia is also very protective of Caleb, she doesn't want him to be treated unfairly, left behind, punished, etc. I think in her mind nobody is allowed to boss Caleb around but her. =) Although she can be overly motherly to him, she does do an excellent job taking care of him. She is an awesome big sister.

Caleb adores Lydia completely. He wants to be with her just about every second of every day. He usually just goes along with the every whim and fancy that his "sissy" has. But not all the time. Oh no, he will definitely let that "male dominance" thing surface and he is going to be in charge. And many times he just flat out torments her. He likes to get her all worked up and hear her scream. I'll never understand why brothers feel that this is their duty, but I suppose you can't argue with Bible..."a brother is born for adversity." =) Although he delights in making her scream, nobody else is allowed to make Lydia scream....Caleb is quite the little protector! He's also very compassionate towards her. For example, he'll go lay down by her all day if she isn't feeling well. It's really sweet.

So that's a glimpse into their brother/sister relationship. =)

These are some pictures we took on Friday of them playing.

They love dirt!

"Look Mommy, I have some dirt for you!"

"Wydia, this is my four wheeler. I am the husband and you are the wife. Wife, get on the back of my four wheeler and I will take you for a ride." I'm not joking, that is exactly what he said! =)

I know it's blurry, but they were so cute running all around the yard holding hands.

True love= Dragging your brother down the hallway by his ankles.

True love= Not kicking your sissy for dragging you down the hallway by your ankles while laughing about it.

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  1. Lydia looks just like you girl!! She is adorable, so is little Caleb! I so wish you lived closer so our kids could grow up together like their mothers did!! Come on you know Steven wants to move to D.C.!!=)


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