Trip to Tennessee

We had a great time in Tennessee with Steven's brother Chris, his wife Jennifer and their girls Michaela, Molly and Mary Claire. I had never been to their home and Steven had not been there for eight years! It was about time we went!

Jenn's dad owns this off-road vehicle. We had a blast on the four wheelers, but it was nice to be able to all go together. I was even brave and drove it. Praise God for the seatbelts! =)

Lydia, Micheala, who is holding Mary Claire, Caleb and Molly

Mary Claire is such a sweetie!

Lydia and Caleb loved the ponies and the cows. My kids are hilarious...they were standing at the fence and saying in their sweetest voices, "Come here little cow, come here....Eat more chicken...come here little cow, come here!" Have my kids been forever warped by Chic-fil-A?!

I could not figure out how this poor little pony could see a thing....so I took pity on him and fixed his "do." This was before....

...and this is after! Steven said it's hair looked like Whoopi Goldberg. HA! Don't you think he looks happier?

Micheala, Lydia and Caleb before church on Sunday.

Jenn's parents have a pool and we spent lots of time in it!
This was not turned sideways by the way, they were just being crazy!

Hi, Uncle Chris! He wouldn't get in the pool, we should have thrown him in! =)

Caleb had so many flotation devices on, there was no way the boy was going to sink.
Mr. Caleb chillin'.

The Chambers and The Chambers

What a cutie!

I snapped this while she was playing with her cousins. Lydia is just beautiful, isn't she? =)

On our last night there, the kids were all up late playing. Micheala and Molly taught Lydia and Caleb leap frog. It was so funny to watch! But what was even funnier was watching Caleb "leap." He's too small to even walk over them, so he basically just plopped on their backs and scootched his way across their body and onto their heads. So hilarious!

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