A Rainy Day Playdate

On Tuesday, after school, we went to my friend Rebecca's house. She has two boys, Peyton and Ethan and who are 4 and 2 and she is also about 6 months pregnant with a little girl. Our kids get a long so well! It's alot of fun to watch them play together.

Rebecca mixed up some sugar cookie dough before we came so after they played for a while and ate lunch, we broke it out. Little kids + flour+cookie dough+a bazillion cookie cutters= a huge mess and LOTS of fun! =)

Here's Ethan trying to look innocent after eating several mouthfuls of flour. It was so funny!

Lydia loves to play with dough of any kind! Her bow is missing because earlier they had been playing "Olympics" and were trying to do flips on the floor. =)

Here they all are making yummy cookies!

Ethan though it would be funny to decorate his mommy with flour. As she was standing at the table rolling out dough for him to cut, he was sprinkling it in her hair and all over her shirt. Silly boy!

The final damage minus a shot of the floor, haha! =)

See all of their cool shapes? We iced them and put sprinkles on them too. They were so good...I think they were the best sugar cookies I've ever had!

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