My CVS deals

I had a pretty good week at CVS. We needed some things and I was able to incorporate them into my steals...I mean deals! =)

Although I don't have a picture, I went last Friday and I bought some Revlon lip gloss. After coupons and ECB's, I paid $3.33 and I earned $9.99 in ECB's. YAY!

On my receipt a coupon printed for a free bottle of Ibuprofen. That was on my grocery list for that day...what a blessing! When I saw that that was on it, I went back in and got a few more things.

My second transaction was:

Dove deoderant
Bandaids, 60ct.
Childrens Advil (great to keep on hand!)
CVS Ibuprofen
VO5 shampoo (thrown in to not waste any ECB's)

After ECB's and great coupons, I paid a whopping 8 cents! I ended up with $2 ECB's from the bandaids, and $5.97 from the children's advil.

On Monday I had to run some errands so I went back. The sales they had and the coupons in the paper made for some good stuff. Also, the card scanner in the store printed me some pretty sweet coupons as well!

First transaction:

Almay eye brightener and eye liner

Total out of pocket: $0.21!
ECB's earned: $5

Second transaction:

Two Oral B toothbrushes
Children's Advil

Total out of pocket: $2.32
ECB's Earned: $3 for toothbrushes, $5.97 for Childrens Advil

Third transaction:

Exedrin Migraine
Dawn dish soap (x2)
Bayer Children's Aspirin (x3) *Lydia takes this every day so we go through a lot of it!
Cover girl TruBlend Mineral Foundation
Cover girl TruBlend Pressed Minderal Foundation
Cover girl concealer
Cover girl TruBlend Mineral Powder
Sure Deoderant (x4)
1 bottle of Nuprin

The cover girl makeup was buy one get one free (BOGO) at CVS, and in the newspaper there was coupons for buy one get one free. The Sure deoderants were also BOGO and I had coupons making them free.

Total out of pocket (OOP): $0.12!
ECB's earned: $0

Since I have tried the Cover Girl Pressed Mineral foundation, I am hooked! That has to be the best foundation I have ever used. I was skeptical because I have always used liquid foundation and then powder. I figured I'd try it since it was free! It is so easy, you just put in on with a little blush brush and it's so fast. I feel like I am wearing no makeup at all when I wear that! So now I am going to exchange the liquid foundation and powder for more of the pressed foundation. Thankfully I hadn't opened them first! I know I'm raving about it, but listen folks, when you go outside and work in the garden for an hour in the 98 degree weather and come in and see that your face still looks good, I'm convinced!! =0)

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