Meet our newest addition

This is Emily. Emily is a toad. I have no idea why my children would insist on such a cute name for such an un-cute creature. We don't know if Emily needs to be an Emily or an Edward, but I suppose since the toad doesn't understand what gender "Emily" implies, it'll be okay. We caught it in our garden the other day and it has been taking up residence in our fish tank. We have been quite humored by our toad and it's antics. These are some funny pictures we've taken so far.

Emily is obviously quite dignified and distinguished and enjoys posing for pictures.

Usually Emily likes to perch on the rock, but occasionally enjoys a swim.

Can you see the faint grin as Emily enjoys her bubble bath?

(No, it isn't really soap, if we plug in the tank it starts making bubbles.)

Get me out of here!!

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  1. Laine...this is absolutely way tooo funny!! I love all the little comments under the pictures!!=) THIS MADE ME SMILE!!=)


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