Iced Coffee

In the last couple of weeks, I also started reading another blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed this one and have once again gotten so many great ideas and recipes. The author, Amy, asked everyone to participate in trying an experiment from her notebook. Her notebook is a compilation of craft ideas and recipes that people have sent to her. There are so many I want to try! But between my new obsession with these notecards and starting our homeschool year on Monday, I had to try an easy one.

I saw the iced coffee (07.31.08 entry) and of course, my mouth started to water. My hubby loves Dunkin' Donuts (toasted almond with cream and sugar!) and just coffee in general. I tell him he's an addict. =) I must admit though, I'm a bit of a coffee lover myself. But I really don't like hot coffee, I like iced coffee. If I ever go to Dunkin' Donuts, I always get an iced coffee with French vanilla flavoring. Now, I have tried a few times at home to make my own iced coffee, but it never was just quite right. Until I tried this recipe. It really isn't that far off from what I tried, but a few little things proved to be the kickers.

First, I brewed my coffee the night before. I know, why didn't I think of this before?!!

While it was still hot, I added the sugar and then placed it in the fridge to chill. This morning, when I got it out, it was already nice and cold!

I decided to add a little bit of creamer, half and half and vanilla extract. I ended up adding some skim milk as well.

Sorry for the terrible picture, it is extremely hard to take a picture while pouring! And I think I added a bit much....oops!!

The result....amazingly yummy and perfect iced coffee!! And to be honest, this tastes better than any iced coffee I have ever had! But I now know it is the little things that made all of the difference. (This is so true in life, isn't it?) Brewing and chilling the night before was important, and then the extract. The recipe called for almond, but I only had vanilla, so I used that. It was the very last thing I added. I tasted my iced coffee before adding the vanilla and it was pretty good, but the addition made it outstanding.

So now, if all of you start noticing me gaining weight, well, I might be drinking this a little to often! =0)


  1. Oh, that looks yummy! Who can resist an iced coffee? YUM! Thank you so much for participating in the challenge!

  2. Hey...sorry but I do not like COFFEE!!=) I probably would like the smell though!!=) Good job with all the neat recipes and how-to-do posts! Really cool!


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