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Ever feel a little "blah" and you just can't think? That's what happens to me when I get in a rut and don't do anything creative. My cooking and everything gets boring when this happens. Just recently I began reading a new blog. I saw her homemade cards and I really liked them! I think it is now my new favorite craft! Okay, well, maybe it's tied with making hairbows, but I love it! These greeting cards are made by reusing magazines. I have recently gotten several free subscriptions to magazines like Country Home and Better Homes and Gardens so this was perfect. I followed the instructions and "tada!" here they are:

I love the "vintage" look of these cards.

The envelopes are also made from magazines. These are two of my favorite ones.

A card and envelope together.

Who doesn't love a wonderful, yet free craft?! It worked out great because I wanted something to give some friends as a "thank you" for having us over for dinner. A think a small stack of these will be just the thing. Did I mention I love these cards?! =)

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  1. Those turned out great!! This is one of my favorite crafts and has been for years, I never seem to get tired of making them and I love the way to use all the beautiful photography in magazines! Thanks for sharing a photo of your cards - they are beautiful and will be a blessing to all who receive one! :)


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