I love having a little girl. With having a little girl brings tea parties, dollies, dress up, hairbows, etc. Even with all of that, Lydia acts way too grown up most of the time...it's killing me! One of the biggest things that has always set Lydia apart from kids her age is her speech. She is very articulate. (Can you believe at 17 months old she was speaking in sentences?) She has always loved to talk, that's for sure! Because of her mature speech, there are very few things that she doesn't say correctly. But there are two things she says all the time that are so cute and I just can't tell her. Steven and I just smile at each other and laugh to ourselves because we know that all too soon she'll figure it out! The "funny" she says most often is after she has dressed up. She'll come waltzing in the kitchen in her Snow White outfit and say, "Mommy, look! I'm betending I'm a princess!" I love that one! And the funniest is when she's talking about meeting people. On the way home on Sunday she said to me, "Mommy, my teacher induced me to her daughter and her name was Lydia too!" =) She said the same thing when her cousins were here...she kept telling them that she would induce them too all her friends. Too cute!

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