What can I say? I’ve always been pretty frugal…as I usually say, my Mom taught me well. She taught me how to stay within a budget, how to make a grocery list from a weekly menu and how to bargain shop. She taught me to cook from scratch and to make the most of what God has given me. I am still amazed at how she fed all of us so well! I love my Mom and I will be forever grateful to her for all she taught me. (Thanks Mom!)

Since discovering the Money Saving Mom blog, I have found even more avenues to help in my endeavor to be a wise steward of what God has entrusted me with. Because I stepped out and learned to shop at CVS and to use coupons wisely, over the last two months our grocery budget has almost been cut in half. Yet amazingly we have more groceries than ever before! And it's a really nice thing to come well under budget every week! =)

It has been such a blessing to learn all of this, so I want to share it here with you. Starting today, I will be sharing my "bargains" here on my blog. Don’t worry, my desire is not for this to turn into another "money saving" site. I just know I was so frustrated with all of the rising prices, etc. and feeling like I had to spend such a huge amount of money to feed my family. Our income wasn’t rising every time the price of food rose, so it left me feeling like there was no solution! But there are ways to make it work, and I want to be an encouragement to those of you who feel as I did.

I hope you all enjoy watching as I try to get some good deals and make what God has given me stretch!

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