Word Game Fun

I got this from my friend's blog over here. Try it out. You answer the questions with a word that starts with the first letter in your name!

What is your name? Laine
4-Letter Word - Line
TV Show - Learning Channel (?)
City - Lancaster, PA
Country - Luxembourg (I've been there!!)
Boy Name - Lee
Girl Name - Lucy
Occupation - L.P.N (Nurse)
Something You Wear - Leg Warmers (Remember these? Soooo stylish! lol!)
Food - Lime
Something Found In A Bathroom - Lip liner
Vehicle - Lamborghini
Something You Shout - LISTEN UP!

1 comment:

  1. Cute game! I'll have to remember that one for the long trips in the car with the kids! Guess what - I got a blog. Can you believe it?


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