Vacation pictures...finally! =)

Except for the pool, Caleb's favorite thing to do was play at the park!

Daddy helping Caleb on the monkey bars.

I love this picture!

They are so sweet, they kept talking to each other like this.

He has that "wild look" in his eye, doesn't he? =)

My sweet little girl, who is not so little anymore!

Caleb loved to sit across the counter on the bar stools and watch me fix dinner. He would grab his cars and stay there most of the time just talking my ear off. It was great!

Can you tell that he loves playing with cars?

Chillin' while daddy was grillin'. Hee-hee. =)

He was so happy to be at the park again.

This was Caleb and Lydia's first time having root beer floats. (Made with Jone's Root Beer and Breyers All Natural Vanilla...YUUUUMMMYYYY!!!!!!!!)
These were just some candid shots of them drinking their floats. Check out his eyes! He sucked that thing down so fast.
Lydia cracks me up too. Her eyes were like that the whole time also. She just kept saying, "I love root beer floats!" =)

Here's our family after Wednesday night church.
Aren't we adorable?? =P
Floating along in the kiddie pool.
This was the night we went to the Japanese restaurant. That is a definite blackmail picture for when Lydia is a teenager. =)

The food was so good. We had such a great time there!

After the restaurant we stopped at a Books A Million. They had a Thomas the Train table in the kids section. Lydia and Caleb loved it!

Daddy and his babies after our walk on the nature trail.

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  1. Good grief...I thought you fell off the planet=) For real! I love the pictures!! Keep posting them! Looks like ya'll had a blast!


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