To Sarah, with love

Look Sarah....

.....I made pickles!! Wanna bite?? =P

Sarah hates pickles, so I just had to do that for her! Love ya girl! =) Seriously though, on Wednesday we picked 10 huge cucumbers from the garden. We usually give some away but nobody needed anymore. There was no way we could eat that many cucumbers in a few days, especially with several more that were going to be ready the next day. So I decided to make pickles! With those 10 cucumbers and 4 from previous day, I ended up with 9 jars of pickles. YUMMY!!!


  1. EWWWW...yuck...yes, I still hate pickles! My kids have wronged me, they to like pickles just like James!! Where have I gone wrong in training them to do what is right?? Who knows!!=) Oh, we had pickle day on our route and All the kids wanted James to kiss me...Yuck...Pickle BREATH...oh then they drank the pickle juice!! YUCK!! Oh thanks for thinking about me in such a kind way!=)

  2. Hey before I found the background I liked...I was going to get one from the website...try it out...has some really cute free ones!!


  3. Hey!
    Glad you liked the background. I got it at www.thecutestblogontheblock.com But they are changing things up now so you may want to give them a day or two to get things worked out.
    Are you ready for HT triples this week?? :)


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