South Dakota Missions Trip-Day 4

What a gorgeous South Dakota sunrise! Monday morning came early and we were really tired once again. Church went late, so we got home late and therefore got in bed late! We had a schedule made up before we came of the times we were to do things at night, etc. That pretty much had to be tossed and we just adjusted everyday to fit whatever was going on. I definitely learned that as a leader of a missions team, you have to be flexible!

Good Morning ladies!! Here we are on the van ride to the church. On Monday we all wore our Mission Team shirts. They all are embroidered with our "Team South Dakota" logo. The girls have orange and the guys have navy blue with orange stripes. I love it!!

Holly and Mrs. Amy

We stopped by Bro. Jesse's house that morning and picked up the key to the church so we could have choir practice before everybody else arrived for visitation. Everybody was being CRAZY and posing funny! Their mouths are all wide open and my husband was doing his arm all weird! And it looks like half of our group is missing....you can't see Jonathan's head over Taylor and I'm way over to the left at the piano. Oh yes, and Mrs. Amy is taking the picture!

The guys were goofing off after practice! For some reason Brian, Bro. Eric and Jonathan decided to pick up my hubby for a picture. And it only get's crazier...

I guess Bro. Eric wanted one as well....

And Brian....

And they couldn't leave Jonathan out!

Here they all are cutting up.....again! =)

While we were out on visitation that afternoon, we went to a house that had some horses. The lady, although she didn't want the packet from the church, was very kind and allowed our teens to pet her horses. Taylor and Tabbetha LOVE horses so this was a treat for them. In the picture from front to back is Tabbetha, Taylor, Seqouiyia, and Holly.

These horses were beautiful!

After visitation we went back to the house, ate supper and got ready for the evening services.

This is the tent! It was set up in a very popular part of Pierre right beside the Pierre Sports store and down the street from Walmart. It made it easy to invite people because everyone knew where it was.

During the service our group sang as well as the DeLange family. My husband preached and then Bro. Redman preached the main message. It was a great service!

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