South Dakota Missions Trip--Day 3

Team South Dakota 2008

Back Row (left to right): Jonathan Guffey, Bro. Eric Ketner, Mrs. Amy Ketner, Me, My hubby, Brian Cobb
Front Row: Tabbetha Maners, Crystal McMullen, Taylor Turner, Sequoiyia Deese, Holly Black

Sunday was our first "official" day of the mission's trip. We were all pretty tired because we were up late getting settled, but we were so excited to meet the Haileys and the other church members. Before we left for church we were having choir practice in the living room and my husband got a call from Bro. Jesse. He said hello and then I saw his face start going white and then I heard the, "You're kidding, right?!!!" My heart began pounding and my stomach started feeling sick. I didn't know what was going on. And then I heard Bro. Jesse say something and laugh and poor Steven was SO relieved! You are probably wondering what in the world I am talking about, aren't you? =) I'll explain. In Pierre, they are one hour behind what we are in North Carolina. Steven had already adjusted his clocks and everything and when Bro. Jesse called it was 9:50 Pierre time and 10:50 NC time. We were supposed to be at the tent at 10:15 Pierre time. Well, when my husband answered the phone Bro. Jesse goes, "Hey man, where are you guys? The service is about to start." That's when my hubby about panicked and finally Bro. Jesse was like, "Yes, I'm kidding...did you set your clocks back?" WHEW!!! =) He sure made us sweat!

Speaking of sweat, thankfully the weather was mild in South Dakota while we were there. It usually is 90-115 degrees! It was only around 85-93 the whole time we were there. Praise the Lord!!

The services on Sunday were wonderful! It was really neat having church services in a tent. It was a new experience for all of us. Bug spray is a requirement though if you are going to survive! =) During the services our missions team had an opportunity to sing and Bro. Redman preached. He is a great preacher! Throughout the week he preached six messages on salvation and each one was presented in a completely different way. It was amazing! God used those messages so much in my life. It really renewed my gratitude for all that Christ did for me.

Here we are on Sunday evening before the service. Aren't our shirts cute? Someone in our church gave a very generous gift to the team a few days before we left and we were able to get the girls and guys matching shirts. God really worked it out and in one day we found great shirts in the right sizes and at the right price. Praise the Lord!

Just chillin'! =)

Brian and Jonathan being goofy, as usual.

Say "cheese" Jonathan!

All of the girls had matching black bracelets. I love them! It was so cool to see the reflection of the tent ceiling in them. Isn't that neat? (And yes, that is my arm!)

Here is the reflection in Bro. Eric's sunglasses.

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  1. looks like ya'll had fun...I do like your cute shirts and your bracelet!! Very cute! Miss ya girl!


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