The New Look

Thank you to Renee and Sarah for telling me where to find a new background! There were so many that were cute, it made it so hard! I'm not totally sure yet if this is the "one", but I'm lovin' it so far. =)

I love black and red and I love brown and pink, so it was a toughy! I guess we'll see, I might just play around with a few. Just be prepared...it might change! =)


  1. Glad you found one you liked! I think it's very, very cute!!!!

  2. Cute background! That's where I got mine too - thanks Renee! It literally took me over an hour to decide, because they're all adorable! But I just love the one you picked. :)

  3. Girl, I am so loving the new background!! Cute, Cute!!=)


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