Let me introduce....

The wonderful families we met in South Dakota!
This is the Hailey family. Bro. Jesse Hailey is the pastor of the River City Baptist Church in Pierre. He and his wife Melanie are church planters and have been in South Dakota for six years. Their children are so cute and incredibly sweet. Pictured from left to right is Bro. Jesse who is holding Natalie, Kaitlyn, Mrs. Melanie, Evan and Hannah.
This is the River City Baptist Church building. It has a great location in downtown Pierre.

This is the Redman family...all dressed in the red for the picture! No, they did not do that on purpose. =) Bro. Redman is an evangelist and he and his family travel the U.S. and Canada helping small churches. This summer they are helping with evangelistic tent meetings in the West and midwest. Pictured from left to right is Silas (2), Mrs. Redman, Nowelle (6), Wesley (4), William (8) and Bro. Redman. All of their kids were great! I have to mention that I was so thankful for Wesley! He became my buddy and he helped me not be so homesick for Lydia and Caleb. He is a very sweet and adorable little boy! He LOVES cowboys and is so proud of his cowboy boots. =)

Last, but certainly not least, this is the DeLange family. Bro. Matt was a Pastor in South Dakota for a few years before God burdened their heart for helping small churches. They now travel as a team with the Redmans for evangelistic meetings. They bring the tent, all of the sound equipment, etc. They also provide all of the music for the meetings. They sing as a family and they are awesome! Mrs. Lori is an incredible pianist and Bro. Matt and their oldest son Riley play the guitars and other stringed instruments. We had such a wonderful time with their family! We got close to them so quickly and I am so thankful for their friendship. On the far left is Adam (14), Sarah Beth (15), Riley (17), Mrs. Lori, Bro. Matt, Heidi and Hailey (12...they are twins).

I have so much more to share with you....hopefully blogger will cooperate so I can get all of the pictures up soon!

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