My poor neglected blog! (And readers!!)

I do apologize for my recent lack in blogging, nothing against blogworld or my readers, I promise!! I definitely have missed my time to write, but this last month just has not afforded me the time to do so.

This last month has been absolutely crazy...so much going on and not enough time to sit down and write about it!! But I will try to give you a brief synopsis. =)

Thank you so much to everyone who has written me lately asking about Lydia and Caleb. I really am sorry for not getting back with you! It really means a lot to know how much you care. Lydia is doing great and her EKG came back showing no arrythmias. It did show however that when she was feeling "kangaroos" her heart rate was elevated and it was obviously bothering her. Her heart rate, as shown on the EKG, randomly fluctuates between 80-140 bpm. During the times when she would just be sitting down and she felt the "kangaroo" sensation, her heart rate was at 140. She also told me that during the night she had felt them and this was verified by EKG also. Dr. Bensky said that her heart rate is quite fast while sleeping but that it's okay for her. So the big question is, "Is it normal for a child's heart rate to be fluctuating around so much?" The answer is yes, and no. No, it would not be normal for a child with a whole, normally functioning heart. But yes, it is quite normal and fine for it to be happening with Lydia. Since she only has her left side, it has double the load and because of that sometimes the "pump" has to work a little faster to keep up.

Caleb is also doing well and since the beginning of June has really made improvements. I won't take time to tell the whole story, but we were unable to get one of his meds (the Xyzal) before we left for vacation two weeks ago. I brought the Zyrtec as a back up in case he started having his runny nose, cough, etc. To make the long story short, he has been without an anitihistamine since June 7th and is doing wonderful!!! While we were on vacation his puffiness around his eyes totally went away, as well as the black circles under them. We've become used to seeing him like that so he looked like a different child! I think he sneezed twice during the whole week...it definitely has been an amazing answer to prayer. Caleb also turned 3 on June 1st. I cannot believe that! He certainly has come such a long way. He had his three year checkup and he was 35 inches tall and 25 pounds. Tiny but mighty, right?! =0) He is still not even close to being on the growth chart, but he is following his own little curve. Like his pediatrician said, because of his prematurity, he will most likely be "smaller than genetically predisposed." In other words, he's just going to be short regardless of the fact that my family is huge. =)

Like I mentioned we went on vacation the week of June 8th through the 14th. It was so nice to get away! We were able to use my mom's timeshare week in Virginia at the Massanutten Resort. It was so beautiful! I'll have to update more later with pictures. Steven and I also celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on the 14th.
This is us at the very top of the mountain at Massanutten

I will be taking another leave from blogging because this afternoon I am headed to South Dakota!! Steven and I have the privilege to lead a team on a missions trip for 8 days. We will be helping Bro. Jesse Hailey who is a church planter in Pierre, South Dakota. We covet your prayers as it is a 24 hour drive WITHOUT stopping for gas, food or potty breaks. It's gonna be a long trip! It's going to be interesting with all of us crammed into a 15 passenger van for that long. Hopefully the teen girls will not talk my ears off. (Just kidding...you know I love you!!) Also pray for Lydia and Caleb since they will be staying here with their grandparents. We are going to miss them like crazy! I've only ever been away from them for 2 days, and it was only 4 hours away. Just pray for me that I'll be able to focus and not be worried about them the whole time. I know my in-laws will take great care of them, but I think all of you moms out there must know how I feel.

When we get back I promise I will be back to my regularly scheduled posting. Thanks for your understanding! I can't wait to get back and tell you all about our trip. I'm sure I'll have some awesome pictures to share as well.

Off I go to finish packing! South Dakota, here we come!!

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  1. Yes...I totally feel neglected!!=( Oh Where is my LAINEY, Oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where IS MY LAINEY!!!=) Glad I found you...I even tagged you for a meme...=) Love ya...miss hearing from you!!


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