"They are Kangaroos Mom, not Frogs!"

What do you know?! How in the world would I know that my very creative and imaginative child would change the name? But of course, she is a girl and she is my girl so that would equal unpredictable, right? =) (Sigh.)

Every once in a while we ask Lydia if she's had any "frogs" or "bouncy balls" in her chest. In February of last year Lydia started complaining that she had feelings in her chest that felt like frogs or bouncy balls. So, we had an event monitor (the kind where you have to push the button for it to record an event) for a month and we did not get anything on the monitor.

On Friday Lydia came to me and told me that she had a big kangaroo. I was busy in the kitchen and I was just like, "Huh?" And then she went on to tell me that she had been having "BIG kangaroo" feelings in her chest. I asked if they were frogs and she said, "They are kangaroos Mom, not frogs!" I asked how many times she had had this and she said she's had "little kangaroos" a lot, but not big kangaroos. The problem is that she has them and then tells me later. She can tell me exactly what she was doing at the moment and everything. The problem is that I can't evaluate her while it's happening. I need to see her when it happens!

Throughout the day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday she had "little kangaroos." I called her cardiologist this morning and we went in this afternoon. Dr. Bensky said everything still looks good, but he agreed with us that we don't need to ignore what she is telling us. We were given an digital EKG monitor with 5 leads that Lydia will wear for the next 48 hours. It will record constantly, which is so helpful! Lydia doesn't ever tell us until after it happens so I think this monitor will work better for us.

For all you prayer warriors out there, please pray! Please pray specifically that Lydia will have "little kangaroos" and "BIG kangaroos" during the next 48 hours. It is very necessary that these be on an EKG so her doctors can look at it. I can't stress how important it is for us to know what is happening when she is complaining that the "kangaroos" are jumping around!

Lydia is being a real trooper about all of this. She doesn't like the monitor, but she's still sweet and cooperative anyways. Her good attitude really makes all the difference!

Also, we would really appreciate it if you could keep Caleb in your prayers. From the end of January until the beginning of April he was sick. February was by far the worse because he went in to respiratory distress even with breathing treatments and meds. We had an appointment with his doctor two weeks ago and he said that that should not have happened. Because Caleb is maxxed out on his meds, we are running out of options to treat him. Dr. Black believes though that there is something he has become even more allergic to and we need to target that specific allergy or allergies. So tomorrow morning Caleb is going to be having more extensive allergy testing. I'm not sure the specific things that he'll be tested for tomorrow. So far he's been tested for 62 things and is allergic to all 62. Please pray that whatever things are shown that he is allergic to that we'll be able to adjust accordingly and be able to meet his needs.

Well, that's all for now folks! I will try to update tomorrow evening. Thanks in advance for all the prayers!

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