A quick update

Thank you to all of you who have emailed or called in the last couple of days asking about Lydia and Caleb. I really do appreciate it!

Lydia did great with the monitor and we are so thankful that she had several big and little kangaroos while it was on! Praise the Lord. And finally, for the first time I was able to evaluate her while she was having "big kangaroos." Saturday morning she was finishing up her breakfast and said, "Mom, I'm having big kangaroos right now." She wasn't blue or anything and looked fine but I put on hand on her chest and used my other to check her pulse and her heart was just racing away! I didn't have a second hand watch near me so I don't know what the number was, but it was almost too fast for me to count. We should be hearing something in the next few days about the results.

Caleb's appointment went well and he was very brave for his testing. He was THRILLED because they had the Cars movie and he got to watch it while we waited. (For those who have never had allergy testing, they put little bits of allergens right under the skin on your back and then they wait for 20 minutes and then evaluate the reaction. ) We were so encouraged that only a few of his allergies have gotten worse. Again, praise the Lord! He was tested for 50 things, and is still allergic to all 50. We did not have any 4+ reactions (scale from 1-4) to mold, dust and dust mites like last time so that is a definite improvement! Right now the plan is to continue breathing treatments through May and then take him off for June, July and August. (Unless we are traveling or he gets sick.) We are praying that he'll have a healthy summer and be able to build up some strength in his lungs. Also, by stopping the breathing treatments we will know if it is hindering his growth. Dr. Black said that there is not definite evidence that Pulmicort can stunt growth, but there is some evidence. I guess we'll see! We also changed one of his medicines. In order to have allergy testing, you have to be off of antihistamines for 6 days. During the 6 days that Caleb was off of his Zyrtec we saw a HUGE change in his behavior and his mood swings. When we told Dr. Black that he said, "That's it, no more Zyrtec. I never want a child to be on a medicine that will change his personality." So, we are trying out Xyzol. It seems to be working very well and there are no behavior or mood changes that we've noticed. Yay!

How come when things happen it all seems to come at once?! Caleb was falling with style today and decided to bust his chin open! I called the doctor to ask if he needed stitches and they were so nice and told us to be there in 10 minutes. ( I have an awesome pediatrician!) Thankfully, even though it was really jagged (like a funky backwards "L"), it wasn't deep enough to need stitches. They cleaned it and put some superglue on it and he was good to go! I kind of felt like some over reacting mom, but oh well. At least with the superglue on it the edges are stuck together and it will heal really nice without infection and with minimal scarring.

Well, since I feel as if I've accomplished absolutely nothing today, I will go and fold my laundry. =0) Thanks again for all your prayers...we need them!!


  1. Good grief Lainey... I will continue to pray for your littles!! Poor little Caleb!! I am going through the allergy sympotoms thingy with Tyler right now!!=( Not as bad a Caleb though...well, I love ya and miss you!! I love all the pictures...from the previous posts! Lydia is such a little lady and Caleb is a doll! I love the story about you being Caleb's princess! How sweet!! Love ya girlie!

  2. You won something on my blog! Come check it out and then email me with your contact information so that I can get your prize to you.



  3. Hey, Laine!
    I took your advice, and I now have a diaper cake blog. :) It's still sketchy, so I have lots of work to do. Talk to you later,

  4. Hey girl I just tagged you for a meme...go to my site and see!!=) Love ya! Hope you are still alive!=+)


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