Pwincess Mommy

I had to write this before I forget all about it.

Last Sunday morning after church as I was changing Caleb out of his church clothes, he said to me in his shy voice, "Mommy, will you be my Cinwawella?" I was kind of shocked and I asked him to repeat it and he once again with his little shy voice and smile said, "Will you be my Cinwawella?" His Cinderella! I told him I would LOVE to be his Cinderella (I was about to cry at this point, it was so sweet) and then he continued. He said, "If you will be my Cinwawella, I will be your Pwince Chawming." (I'm melting!!) And then he says, "Mommy, will you dance wiff me?" (Can we say "heartbreaker?!") I of course said I would love too and there we were in his room with me on my knees and him standing up, holding hands and "dancing" as I was humming the Blue Danube Waltz. To top it all off, his little face was bright red and he was smiling his VERY embarrassed smile. It was adorable. Definitely one of those priceless moments that I will never forget.

I hope I stay his "Cinwawella" for a very, very long time. =)

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