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We have been so busy around our house lately. So, I thought I'd show you some pictures of what we've been up to!

Here is our garden! These are the pots with the radishes in them. They grow super fast! These pics were taken about 10 days ago so they are really big now!

These are a few of our sugar snap pea plants. I was so glad to see them sprout! They are also getting much bigger!

This is a picture of my breakfast. =) It's homemade yogurt with homemade granola and a sliced banana. Steven LOVES the yogurt I make. He is always hungry but if he eats some of my yogurt w/ granola for breakfast, he isn't even hungry at lunchtime. And if you know my hubby, it is quite an accomplishment for me to make him something that sticks with him for a while! (He has hypoglycemia...hence being hungry most of the time.)

This is my wreath that I made last week. Took all of 10 minutes. I still had my Christmas one up and I told Steven that the church people were going to start thinking that I was a looney. So, the problem is now remedied. =)

My wreath again. I think it looks so springy!

My mom has been wanting to see a picture of Lydia and Caleb's rooms....these are for you Mom!
Lydia's room...obviously. =0) I didn't take pictures of every wall...I was in a hurry. But she also has two big windows and another tall bookshelf with drawers. Her curtains are green gingham like the gingham in the bookcase below.

I love having their names up on the wall and wanted to do something cute and girly for Lydia's so this is what a I came up with.

Here's her name close up. She keeps asking why we put her name up on her wall and we told her it's so she doesn't forget which room is hers. She looks at us kind of funny when we say that! =)

Here's Caleb's room! Steven made all of his furniture. He did such a good job! I showed him a magazine picture of what I wanted and he made it. Isn't he awsome?! I need to take a picture of his shelf too. Yes, that is a real stop sign on his wall. And no, we did not steal it! =)

His bed again. He has a "road" rug on his floor. He loves it!

I put his name above his window. Can't get all fancy with ribbons in his room!

These are his adorable airplane pegs that Steven painted for him.

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  1. You are hilarious!! I didn't want to post anything and accidentely give away that we were going to Texas...because James dad reads everything!=) So, I just didn't post...=) You look like you have been busy...why don't you make me a wreath too...=) I want a springy wreath too...=) Anyway, cute rooms too! Thanks for worrying...=)


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