Little Miss Nurse Anesthetist

What can I say? My daughter cracks me up. Because of the life God has given her, living everyday with what is cited in the medical world as a "chronic life threatening condition" and all it involves, Lydia plays a bit differently than most children. She loves her dolls Marcy, Hope and Sophie very much and she takes care of them. Only, she doesn't just give them pretend baths, feed them and dress them up. Usually they are off to the hospital for some treatment or having an appointment. Marcy and Hope both have had open heart surgery and many other ailments that Dr. Lydia has treated.

It seems lately though that Sophie has been suffering from a kidney stone. Yes, I said kidney stones...two big ones in fact. Sophie needed to be taken to the hospital to have them removed because according to Lydia, "she was having a lot of pain." I was sitting on the couch writing out my grocery list and I saw Lydia go into our bedroom. She came out wearing one of Steven's white t-shirts and she told me it was her surgical gown. Then she was looking around for something to use for her mask. "You know mommy...like the one that covers Dr. Watt's mouth but not his eyes so no germs get on the patient." (Tell me...how does she know this if she's supposed to be asleep from anesthesia?!) She decided a pair of her panties would work best. HA! Then she found one of Caleb's breathing masks from his breathing treatments and put it on Sophie. I asked her what she was doing because usually she is the surgeon. She said, "No mommy, today I'm Mrs. Bensky....the nurse anesthetist." She floored me. Dr. Bensky's wife (Dr. Bensky is her cardiologist) is a nurse anesthetist. So Lydia was just putting Sophie to sleep with the "breathing stuff" and an imaginary person was going to remove the kidney stone.

I have come to a conclusion...my child, at four years old, knows way too much about the medical world! She has been telling us since she was two that she was going to be a doctor and I'm starting to believe it!

Enjoy the pictures! And don't worry, I will be sending this to Dr. Bensky!! =0)

Isn't she great?! If being a doctor is what God has for her, than I know she'll be a good one!

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