Big Prayers Needed

Would you please be in prayer for Tricia Lawrenson? She has Cystic Fibrosis and has been awaiting a double lung transplant for quite a while. On Sunday they got a call for transplant. She got all prepped and ready for surgery and when the transplant team flew to examine/retrieve the lungs, they realized that they would not work for her. As you can probably imagine, that was a HUGE let down. But they know God is in control and the perfect lungs will come when He wants them too. Well, this morning they were notified that the transplant team was flying again to look at some lungs for her. If these are right, then she'll be in surgery tonight. This is just an incredible family with an incredible story. Through their struggles they've allowed God to use them in an extraordinary way. It would take me forever to tell their story so I encourage you to take a look around their blog. (The link is on the right called "Gwyneth Rose and her mom".) Check it out, I know you will be blessed!

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