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Wow! It's been a while since I wrote anything. Things have been busy around here with sickness, church stuff, family stuff, hospital stuff, etc....seems like things are always going 100 mph!

On Friday we just had a really fun day together. As most of you know, Friday is our Saturday. Steven works every other day of the week so it's nice to have a whole day off! We went shopping at Concord Mills (got some killer deals for next winter!!) and then we went to Olive Garden for lunch. I LOVE Olive Garden! I usually get to go once a year so it's pretty special! We got the bottomless soup, salad and breadsticks and it was delicious. It was a cold, rainy day so it was a perfect lunch! Last night we popped popcorn, made a pizza and ate it all while sitting in our bed watching Pooh's Heffalump Movie. Lydia and Caleb thought it was the greatest thing in the whole world! And to top it off they even got to eat chocolate ice cream. It really was a lot of fun. If any of you haven't seen the movie,you have to watch it because it's adorable. Lydia and Caleb just giggled and cracked up the whole time.

After our party in mommy and daddy's bed, we taught Lydia and Caleb how to pillow fight. It was great! Caleb was hilarious because he can't pick up his pillow, it is literally as tall as he is. So he just grabbed the corners and held it in front of him and then he would tackle us. We got such a kick out of watching him do that! Then we had a great game of hide-and-go-seek. I had the best hiding place of the night. I love it when I do that!! =) They looked for me for quite a while. Steven was even stumped! Then they finally found me and my great hiding spot is a secret no longer. Oh well. =) Caleb is such a goober....he was hiding in the closet and didn't want to come out of his hiding spot so he just sat there and peed in his undies. Crazy kid!

Days like yesterday just remind me so much how very blessed I am to have such a wonderful family. Every member is present, and I am SO thankful. Today marks 4 years since Lydia had her 2nd open heart surgery. I always think of it as the surgery that changed everything. It helped her so much...she no longer struggled daily with eating, gaining weight, staying awake, etc. She was so skinny and sickly looking before it and then afterwards she just became a different child. She was so "alive" after it...it was just amazing. Within two weeks after her surgery you can see in pictures that her cheeks finally got a little chubby!

God has been more than good to us and sometimes I am just in awe that He gives us another day with our children. They are precious! Here are some cute pictures from the other day that I thought I would share. We were headed out to the grocery store pretty early and they were SO happy and cheerful that morning. =)

So bright and perky!

Isn't she cute?!

She's a mess, she was doing this silly bending over pose for the camera. Goofy girl!

Lydia showing off her new tights that I found on clearance. I love stripes!

After we went to the store we made cookies. Lydia was helping me and she wanted to unwrap the butter. She is always such a happy helper!

Washing the "slimy" off of her hands.

Steven and Caleb playing pirates and trains. Daddy was teaching him how to talk in a rough sounding pirate voice. =) They had made a treasure map and were going around and collecting the treasure coins from different places. It was so cute.

Don't I just have the most wonderful family?! =)

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