My Cutie Pies

Wow, a picture where they are both smiling their true smiles! It had to be the candy! =0)

Our children are complete opposites in so many ways. Much like Steven and I! For instance, when in comes to candy, I will suck on it as long as possible until it is teeny tiny...then I crunch it up. I don't eat it very often, so I want to enjoy it. Steven sees no reason to prolong the inevitable and will just chew it up. (That drives me a little crazy!) So, Caleb is like me and Lydia is like Steven. Oh well, at least Caleb and I will not break our teeth!! But here's Caleb enjoying his candycane...as you can guess, Lydia's was already gone. =)

Me and my sweet lil' man!

Rainy days are perfect for snuggling. =)

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  1. Laine they get cuter every day!! I love your jean skirt in the pic. too!! Have a Happy V day!!
    Love ya!


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