Fun at the Park

Lydia and Caleb have both been sick and were SO tired of being at home. So, we decided the park would be a good place to go. We have some good parks around here, one that even looks like a giant castle and is just so huge and awesome. But my favorite, is a little park up the road from our old church that just has a small playground and a smaller toddler area. It's really clean, new and it's never crowded! We always have a lot of fun there. I took a lot of pictures, but hey, they are only little once, you know? =)

Can you tell that Caleb was happy to be at the park?

She usually doesn't like to climb things so I was surprised to see her get right up on it!

On the other hand, Caleb LOVES to climb anything and everything, including people! =)

This thing is really cool! It has marbles in it and you have to turn the gear to make the marbles go into the correct holes.

Isn't she cute?!


Look at that face! Kind of scary isn't it?! She is a mess. It'll be a great blackmail picture one day!

Steven and Phoebe on her first outing to the park.

They love this thing. It's not really a see-saw although it's the same idea. It has a spring in the middle so they just put their legs down and make it bounce up and down. Definitely more little kid friendly than a regular see-saw.

Me and my sweet babies. They are getting too big way too fast!

Being crazy with my kiddos is a lot of fun! =P

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  1. Hey, that looked like fun...almost looks like you are having more fun than they were!=) Your doggie is cute! Ilove the pic. of Lydia's crazy face...totally you!=) Caleb is adorable! Your skinny-minnie, and a awesome mommy and well Steven...well Steven...I just don't know what to say about Steven...=)


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